marshall sno-drifters snowmobile club

Established in 1969 - CELEBRATING 50 PLUS YEARS!

 Dear Snowmobile Enthusiasts,

Welcome to the 2020-2021 snowmobile season!  We hope that this year’s season turns out to be successful.  There was not as much riding here last season; we can only hope for more opportunities this season.   I would like to thank everyone who helped install, maintain, and remove trails last year.  We would not have our sport without all the volunteers. 

This year, with a groomer running better than when we bought it; we are looking to continue the great success we have had the last seven years.  Club members voted to sell the old groomer and in a very short timeframe it was sold and ended up at a resort in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.  

The club became debt free last season when the final groomer payment was made.   Club members are commended for their work in helping our fundraisers success.  Thank you!                                                                     

The bowling fundraiser will be condensed into one shift once again.  It worked well last year, and it was easier to have all alleys full and took some pressure off the volunteers.  Get your bowlers lined up and plan on attending in January! 

We will continue our cash raffle with the same format as the last two years- tickets will be $20 per ticket or 6 tickets for $100.  The drawing date will be March 27, 2021 at the Oaks Golf Course. 

With the COVID pandemic we had to cancel and reschedule the Club’s 50th Anniversary celebration to March 27, 2021.    We will be sending invites once again to sign up for the event.  Please watch for this.  

The future looks great for the Marshall Sno-Drifters.  We will continue to have discussions on where we would like to take the club.  Please try to attend the September 2020 meeting as we have lots of information to share!  We hope to see everyone this year in some fashion and greatly appreciate all of the volunteer hours that you have put into making us successful.


Addison Peck

President Marshall Sno-Drifters

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